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Closing The Loop On Sustainable Fashion

The true cost of cheap clothing is no longer breaking news—especially with so many stories of rampant worker exploitation, increasing textile waste in landfills and natural resource depletion leading the headlines. Although we may spend a few dollars less on those cool jeans and tees, we actually pay high human and environmental costs for our [...]

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Your Obsession with Zara is Actually Harming the Planet

Livia Firth Explores the True Cost of Fast Fashion on the Environment "It's one of the biggest industries on earth — and sadly one of the most polluting." n this op-ed to kick off Earth Week at Teen Vogue, eco-fashion activist and Creative Director of Eco-Age Livia Firth explores the environmental impact of shopping at [...]

Three reasons why sustainability in textiles is such a rage

Gone are the days when sustainable clothing was shapeless, foggy, and drab-colored. Available in a broad range of super-stylish designs, bright colors, and fun fabric prints, eco-clothing has stepped into prime time, and is on its way to gaining a firm foothold in the industry. But, there's more to it. Clothing brands, in today's time, are [...]

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Ethical Fashion 101: What is Fair Trade?

Fast Food - cheap, unhealthy & irresistible! Fast Fashion - cheap, unfair & irresistible! So what is ‘Unfair’ about fast fashion? You tell me.. can a garment that goes through cutting, stitching, dyeing, printing, embroidery, labeling, packaging, shipping & marketing be cheap? If not, then why are we paying unbelievably low prices for fast fashion [...]