Three reasons why sustainability in textiles is such a rage

Gone are the days when sustainable clothing was shapeless, foggy, and drab-colored. Available in a broad range of super-stylish designs, bright colors, and fun fabric prints, eco-clothing has stepped into prime time, and is on its way to gaining a firm foothold in the industry. But, there's more to it. Clothing brands, in today's time, are [...]

Fair Trunk What is Fair Trade Ethical Fashion 101

Ethical Fashion 101: What is Fair Trade?

Fast Food - cheap, unhealthy & irresistible! Fast Fashion - cheap, unfair & irresistible! So what is ‘Unfair’ about fast fashion? You tell me.. can a garment that goes through cutting, stitching, dyeing, printing, embroidery, labeling, packaging, shipping & marketing be cheap? If not, then why are we paying unbelievably low prices for fast fashion [...]

Fair Trunk Lakme Fashion Week GoSustainable

Lakme Fashion Week: #GoSustainable

The start of any fashion show gives me an adrenaline rush thats probably as much as jumping off a plan for sky diving! Numerous shows across a decade but this feeling of excitement stays true even today! Day 2 of the Lakme Fashion Week has become synonymous to ‘Sustainable Fashion & Indian Textiles Day’ since [...]