My Fan Girl Moment – Meeting Bandana Tewari

Bandana Tewari Fairtrunk

We all have that list of people… celebrities, A-listers, icons, veterans… that list of people we either look up to, love, lust or just admire so much that we only dream of meeting them someday. More often than not it only remains a dream. That doesn’t stop us from thinking about that day we actually come face to face with this person.. and in our heads, plan and strategise the way we’ll react, the words we’ll utter, the clothes we’ll wear and so on…

My list includes some movie stars, renowned fashion designers, some business tycoons and Bandana Tewari – Editor-At-Large, Vogue India & Columnist, Business of Fashion!

Bandana Tewari Fairtrunk

I used to be that typical NIFT & LCF student, who grew up feeding on Vogue, hustling to get a pass for the fashion week, stalking celebrities to see who wore what. While the rest faded out with time, Vogue stayed! Though Vogue is now available online, I still have a subscription purely because I love the feeling of the magazine coming at my doorstep every month.

Anyway, back to Bandana! I’ve seen her mostly at Fashion Weeks, slaying it on the front rows, like she owns it. At one of these shows, I was on the front row (yeah, I seemed to have pulled the right strings!) and she sat right opposite to me. The pre-show buzz was in the air and she accidentally seemed to have glanced at me and smiled. (She must have thought I’m someone important too 😛) I felt a sudden lump in my stomach and I’m sure I grinned like a little kid who saw an ice-cream coming her way.
All in all, I’ve always been awed by her personality, her nonchalant attitude, the way she writes, and the causes she supports. When I started Fairtrunk, I never thought it would attract her eyeballs, but it did. I was either doing some good work or simply using the right hashtags! :p
Either way, Bandana showed her support by liking stuff I posted on Instagram and also by appreciating the things I was doing.
Bandana tewari Fairtrunk

Oh yes! All these interactions made me experience the highest levels of excitement a.k.a. seventh heaven! It was when I thought I had reached the peak of glee, last Thursday happened! Yep… I actually did meet face-to-face with Bandana Tewari – Editor-At-Large, Vogue India & Columnist, Business of Fashion and sipped on Sangria!! *I’m So Cool*

Of course, I did stalk her a bit knowing she was in town, requesting her for a meeting. I didn’t particularly have an agenda… I just wanted to feel her vibe and listen to her talk (I’m straight! Just FYI..) and of course, thank her for her support. She was so humble to agree to meet me and so we did!

I couldn’t contain my happiness, so I was there way before time at this cafe in Bandra. While I waited, my heart kept pounding and my brain kept going berserk building my go-to strategy for when I first meet her. I sipped on a Sangria on my empty stomach hoping it would calm my nerves! Don’t think that really worked…

When you imagine people working at Vogue, you think of The Devil Wears Prada.. so basically, from the intern to Anna Wintour, all dressed in the season’s best, prim & proper with heels, hair & nails on fleek!


But there she was, dressed as casually as she could… with her signature aviator glasses and beads, straight out of Bali and oh! so Gypsy! (The world needs more people like these!)

Bandana tewari Fairtrunk

As expected, I was short of words and breath as she sat across me. I still couldn’t gather my feelings and realise that this was truly happening! Well, the reason I’m even writing this post is to express my gratitude to you, Bandana.. for making time for me and for the lovely chat we had. 🙂

We spoke about sustainability in fashion, about Fairtrunk and what I’m set out to do.. about issues surrounding supply chains and the lengths to which small and designer brands are going to make a difference. We spoke about how fast fashion has messed it up but we did appreciate H&M for the little steps they’re taking, even if they have a long long way to go! We spoke about #WhoMadeMyClothes and I’m hoping she is going to post a few pictures of herself, asking brands about that! She did advise me on things I could do with Fairtrunk to add a lot more value and substance, which I’m surely going to work on.

I’d like to conclude saying that it is absolutely possible to meet the person you look up to. And when that day comes, make sure you be yourself, as all the planning you ever did in your head is going to go for a toss! You will stutter, you will be lost for words, you will breathe heavily, but you’ll sail through and it will all be worth it! So Dream on! 🙂


P.S: I wanted to take a selfie with her, but it just didn’t feel right to do that at that particular time! 😛


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