Fairtrunk x WeWork Fashion Revolution Week

Fairtrunk x WeWork | Fashion Revolution Week

This one should have come in earlier but again.. better late than never. We’re almost halfway through 2018 and I’m happy to say, it’s been amazing so far! Fairtrunk got a golden opportunity when selected for the first ever Fashion Incubation Program by Lakmé Fashion Week & WeWork. As part of this, we had a gorgeous office space to ourselves with access to the WeWork network. We sure lived it up and made the most of our time at WeWork BKC.

As part of this, we planned & executed some really thought-provoking events at WeWork during the Fashion Revolution Week with Fashion Revolution India. I’m quite delighted to say that Fairtrunk curated the entire event and it all fit in like a jigsaw! Here is what the week looked like:

Fash Rev Week fashion revolution week

We kickstarted the week by screening The True Cost! We had to! I think it’s my personal mission to ensure that each and every individual watches this documentary. If a person doesn’t shiver and rethink his or her choices after watching this film, I’m afraid that person might need some medical help! Andrew Morgan, thanks again for making this film!
We had a small bunch but a very engrossed one. In fact, some had watched it before and had dragged their friends or siblings to watch it.. These are my kind of people! 🙂

Fairtrunk x wework Fashion revolution week

While the film does it’s part and leaves the audience baffled, we always ensure we do a small Q&A after the movie to help them gather their thoughts and make mindful choices. Also, inspire them to ask questions and to join the Fashion Revolution.

Then came the Blogger Meetup! The words ‘bloggers’ or ‘influencers’ invariably paints a picture of someone who is very chic, on-trend, with hair on fleek, shopaholic, internet savvy, millions of followers, vlogs, YouTubers, someone who never repeats outfits, does shopping hauls because it’s just so cool.. And so on..

Well, ‘influencers’ INFLUENCE, and that is why we got them under one roof for one evening. We discussed Haulternatives and not shopping hauls, Loving your clothes and not promoting single wears, Doing more with less and not going about shopping for the latest trends.

fairtrunk x wework fashion revolution week blogger meetup

We had the lovely Pallavi Datta, who has made a significant contribution to sustainable fashion over the years in the way she writes and presents Indian textiles and artisanal work. She took us all through her journey and shared inspiring stories along the way. I had met her only a few weeks before the event and we happened to connect instantly! The minute she held the mic, the audience felt the same! Guess, it’s just her charm. <3

Fairtrunk x wework Fashion revolution week pallavi datta

At events like these, we generally see speakers who’ve made their mark and done some epic stuff. While Pallavi filled that space for us, I was very excited to introduce Know Your Darjee – a trio who decided to take the sustainability route, straight out of Parsons NYC. Their dedication to bringing the Darjee stories to the forefront sure inspired a lot of us. They even presented a short film they specially made for this event! Kudos girls! 🙂
Suki & I ended the session sharing & listening to some amazing DIY stories. I have to thank Raw Pressery for keeping us and our guests hydrated all through the evening! 🙂

fairtrunk x wework fashion revolution week blogger meetup

Moving on, we had a hands-on DIY workshop on Upcycling conducted by Swati Soharia. Swati is a NIFT design graduate and has been doing her bit to make the most of pre-consumer waste. She has recently launched her own line of upcycled clothing and regularly conducts upcycling workshops. This evening we saw a lot of young audiences, curious to see what they could do with clothes they hadn’t worn for a while and couldn’t give them away either. We also had a few bloggers from the blogger meetup! Three cheers!

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Our finale for the week was on Sunday, 29th of April’18. with a Panel discussion on ‘Materials of Sustainable Fashion’ and a curated pop-up of sustainable brands. Honestly, I was pretty nervous to moderate this panel as it had people whose work I truly appreciated and some I looked up to. We had Gautam Vazirani, Fashion Curator – IMG Reliance/Lakme Fashion Week, Apurva Kothari, Founder – No Nasties, Yash Kotak, Co-founder – BOHECO, Shubhi Sachan, Founder & Multidisciplinary designer – Jumbudweep and our beloved Suki Dusanj-Lenz, Country Coordinator – Fashion Revolution India.

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Anyone outside the fashion industry or even those not exposed to ethical fashion assumed handloom textile or regular cotton an answer to sustainable textiles. Through this panel, we wanted to create awareness about the varied materials that fall under sustainable fashion. Every speaker brought an expertise on the panel. Right from artisanal textiles to organic cotton, new innovative textiles from hemp to materials made from industrial waste. Panels like these always open-up our minds to so many questions, makes us curious and hopefully makes us want to do more. We’re so glad we could give that experience to our audience!

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Lastly, our little pop-up was great fun too! Among the brands were Funky Kalakar, BOHECO, I Was a Sari, Chotto Golpo, COA, LAL design studio, all the way from Pondicherry and Creo X Doodlage.

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All in all, it was a power-packed week! I cannot thank the team at WeWork enough for all the support and belief in us and my family & friends who were forcefully made the operations team! 😛
Looking forward to doing more such events. Look out for #FairtrunkOffline 🙂

P.S: We managed to get some eyeballs from Lakme Fashion Week & Afternoon DC Yay!

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