Fairtrunk Clothes Swap is Back in Bandra


We’re back at FAD International, Bandra with yet another Clothes Swap!

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Here’s everything you need to know about Clothes Swap!

What is a ‘Clothes Swap?’
Clothes Swap is an event where you swap your clothes with friends, acquaintances or strangers. People bring good quality clothing that is lurking un-loved in their wardrobes and swap them for new ones!

Retail therapy sans guilt.Why should I swap?

Swapping is an excellent way of renewing your wardrobe without spending! We know there are unused, good quality clothes lying in your wardrobe. You liked them once, but you don’t use them anymore. You don’t know who would like to use them. What if you could swap these clothes with someone who would appreciate them? And in turn get something you’d love to wear.Clear your unwanted, pre-loved clothing. Give them a new life. Benefit your pockets. And, you’ll also save the environment by reducing textiles from becoming waste.

What can I bring to a Clothes Swap event?
You can bring up to 10 pieces of good quality, unwanted clothing. These could be t-shirts, trousers, denims, tunics, dresses, skirts, sarees, etc.

How does the swap work?
Let’s break this down in 3 simple steps:
1.Check-in: Submit your pre-loved clothing for registration and quality check. Every item brought to the event will be checked for our quality parameters. Only approved pieces will make it to the swap floor. Pieces that aren’t approved by our quality team will be segregated for donation to Seams For Dreams.For every product that passed the quality check, you shall receive a token. Products that did not pass through the quality check will not be returned to you (because it is a massive task to then individually return clothes. Your clothes will be used by those in need).
2.Browse: Browse through our collection on the Swap floor. Our volunteers shall display the clothes for you on our swap floor to ease browsing. Pick what you like and take them to our checkout counter.
3.Checkout: The token you received at check-in act as your currency. Exchange each token for products you’d like to take for yourself from the swap floor.
Pretty Simple, isn’t it!

“I attended your last clothes swap event in Mumbai in April. Can I use the leftover coupons from my previous swap to this one?”
Yes. If you have swapped with us before, your leftover coupons from the previous pop-up swaps can be utilised this time. Please send us a message beforehand.

What can I not bring to the Clothes Swap?
Socks, underwear, lingerie, night wear, pyjamas are not allowed.If the item is not in good condition, something that has shrunk, is stained or needs repairing (e.g. missing buttons, broken zips, loose sequins or beading, rips, tears, fabric pulls or holes, bobbly bits, disintegrating seams or hems, lint or fluff) will not be accepted.

Is there a limited number of clothing one can swap?
Once you drop off your clothes, you will be assigned tokens. 1 token equals to 1 clothing item and can be redeemed against 1 item. You can swap as many number of clothing items as the number of tokens you receive. You can buy more tokens @Rs.100/each to swap more than what you got!

What if I do not use up all my tokens?
We make an entry of that during the checkout and keep them in our records against your name. You can use them at the next event organised by Fairtrunk.

Is there a returns policy?

Is men’s clothing available for the swap?

Yes! In fact, our swaps are open to all genders.

Is there a helpline we can reach out to?
You can DM us on instagram @fair.trunk or email us on hello@fairtrunk.com

Please Note:
*Our team is made of only Volunteers and they are here to facilitate a smooth and enjoyable swapping experience for all our attendees. Please be nice to all 🙂
* Please bring such items that you would be willing to take back.

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