Emma Watson’s Stylish Guide to Shopping Sustainably

All too often, talking in length about a pair of shoes can be dismissed as frivolous, but this year, Emma Watson has shown how it can be incredibly powerful to discuss, in detail, every single item of clothing we wear. The actress consistently uses her celebrity status to incite change, and this year she has shouted from the rooftops of social media about sustainable fashion in an attempt to convince us to make smarter choices about where we shop.

Emma in 2009 had taken some time away from her studies – and between acting and modelling had managed to find time to indulge another passion; ethical fashion – by designing a collection for People Tree unveiled in Feb 2010.She launched a total of three collections which were well received and incited a 10% increase in online sales.

“It is hard to know what is good and what is bad on the high street and equally hard to find fashionable or youthful ethical clothing,” Watson explained. “So I decided to work with People Tree to put together a collection I could be proud of in terms of both ethics and design.”

Watson often posts outfit-of-the-day posts on Instagram, tagging new brands she is excited about and writing detailed captions explaining why these are her go-to designers. While promoting Beauty and the Beast, she even set up a separate Instagram account @the_press_tour, to share detailed fashion credits about every single outfit she is wearing.

Ethical fashion is an important issue to Emma. She signed up for the Green Carpet Challenge in 2015, agreeing that every single piece she wears on the red carpet would be sustainable. Her Calvin Klein Met Gala 2016 gown, for example, was made out of recycled plastic bottles and her Emilia Wickstead Beauty and the Beast gown is made from end-of-line fabric, and that’s far chicer than it sounds.

She isn’t just showing how fashion houses can use innovative technology to create magnificent, sustainable red carpet and day-to-day pieces, however. She also sees it as her fashion mission to highlight emerging cutting-edge brands that are produced responsibly, and her stylist, Rebecca Corbin Murray, is constantly scouting for new labels by crowd-sourcing on Instagram. Last year, Emma even collaborated with ethical label Zady on a capsule collection, once again proving you can dress stylishly while still sticking to your principles.

Scroll through the gallery below to discover the best ethical brands Emma Watson has championed this year and it’s closest matches on Fairtrunk!

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