5 Eco-friendly yet Fun things to do this Valentines!

It is Valentine’s Week & you probably have a date! It doesn’t have to be your romantic partner, it could be your annoying best friend or your four-legged sidekick or your favourite pesky sibling. They all deserve some love on Valentine’s Day and I’m sure you are trying to find them the best gift possible this Valentine’s Day.

How about exploring some Eco-friendly yet fun Valentine’s Day options! Some numbers to make it an ‘obvious’ choice for you! According to treehugger.com, $1.7 billion is spent on candy and $2.1 billion is spent on flowers alone on Valentine’s Day. No, you are still buying them a gift and I’m here to give you the best alternative gifting or experiential ideas I could come up with.
Let us discuss five ways you can go green this Valentine’s Day.

1. Gift Plants Instead of flowers:
Fresh Flowers wrapped beautifully is something everybody fancies but what nobody enjoys is watching them wither away. Instead of spending heavily on bouquets, GIFT A PLANT! It’s just so much more practical! Flowers, herbs or other decorative plants make excellent gifts. They grow like your love unlike a bunch of exotic flowers.
Check out Nurserylive for cute succulents and indoor plants.

ecofriendly & fun valentines day
Ok! I’m not saying, gift a PARK! But isn’t this picture simply romantic! PC: Toa Heftiba

2. Gift Sustainable Fashion Items instead of conventional or Fast Fashion:
A ‘formula’ Valentine’s gift is a branded luxurious piece of apparel or accessory. How about you tweak the regular and buy something more conscious! Not only does this make a unique gift but also supports sustainable fashion brands. These will also honor the hands that crafted them
Now now, don’t worry about going on a quest for sustainable fashion brands because Fairtrunk has that covered!

valentine gifts for him .     valentines gifts for her

3. Choose Natural or Organic Beauty products:
The beauty mafias have made us believe that “eco-friendly” or “natural” products might not look as glamorous! Well, time to burst the myths and explore some super beauty brands that are au naturale. There are plenty brands out there that are making sure you get the best and complete value for your money.

4. Eat at a local organic or conscious café:
It is Valentine’s Day and there is no way you can or should celebrate it without an amazing meal and a chocolatey dessert together (I don’t believe in Valentine’s Day without chocolates). Don’t think the organic cafe you know of can offer you that? It might be time to try it and I bet you’ll be proved wrong. The best part about this is stuffing your face GUILT FREE.
Here is a list by Lonely Planet for the best health cafes in Mumbai and another list by the Polka Cafe for the best organic cafés.

5. Spending time together and learning skills together:
With lives getting busier and time passing faster, slowing down a bit sounds like a plan. The icing on the cake would be doing something together, with your own hands. (no pun intended)
Go out and explore, learn a new skill and relax.
Check out Blue Bulb for small and fun workshops you can enjoy with your boo.

That seems like a foolproof list of things you can gift or do together, that’s different from the mundane Valentine’s mushy stuff! Let the love spread far and wide. Do share what you finally did for your date!

Happy Valentines!

This lovely article is written by Alisha Kaisar, who is a sustainability influencer, check out her work here. 🙂

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