Lakme Fashion Week: #GoSustainable

The start of any fashion show gives me an adrenaline rush thats probably as much as jumping off a plan for sky diving! Numerous shows across a decade but this feeling of excitement stays true even today!

Day 2 of the Lakme Fashion Week has become synonymous to ‘Sustainable Fashion & Indian Textiles Day’ since a few seasons. It feels amazing to see one of India’s premiere events to recognize Sustainability, its importance and the need to promote the same. And there is no way I could have missed it! The lineup was a great mix of emerging and established designers walking the sustainable ramp, have a look:schedule-page

I have to highlight Reincarnations, a show conceived & curated by Radhi Parekh, Founder Artisans’ Foundation. As the name suggests, Reincarnations celebrates fashion’s after-life. It stays true to the concepts of sustainability and focuses on fashioning value from the waste.

A showcase of notable work by 6 designers, their journey and their amazing creations.

Wandering Whites by Gaury Pathare
Gaury Pathare centers her jewelry around natural stones collected on her travels, adding waste and scrap metal from city junkyards, to make truly organic forms. Her designs reflect her own contradictions and individuality. With jewelry like these, making a statement with upcycling is the new it.wandering-whites

Jambudweep by Shubhi Sachan
Shubhi Sachan explores the forms and materials of waste streams from mass manufacturing industries in India. The limitless possibilities of hands + craft turns industrial waste into desirable and wearable textiles. Fairtrunk Jambudweep LFW

I was a Sari by Stefano Funari
Apart from upcycling sarees to gorgeous garments, I was a Sari upcycles lives of women in Mumbai slums. The expertise of the women combined with the skills of the Milan fashion school resulted in a fusion of local traditions and contemporary design. An initiative by NGOs CORP India, Srujna, Sui & Dhaga and Reality Gives, that aims to help local women gain a better quality of life through self-employment.i-was-a-sari

The Stitching Project by Fiona Wright & Praveen Nayak
A Fair Trade enterprise based in Pushkar, Rajasthan following a passion for travel & textile. Fiona & Praveen setup The Stitching Project to generate as much work for as many local women while keeping their skills in the center of design. We can see use of rich silks with traditional thread or kantha work on most of these garments.Fairtrunk-The Stitching Project

Kurio by Megha Rawat
Kurio, derived from ‘curio’ that essentially stands for something that is unusual and worth collecting. True to its name, the brand creates footwear using upcycled rubber tyres for soles; while the uppers are made from old sarees, apparel and textile remnants. The presentation during the show was clubbed with The Stitching Project, however you can find Kurio footwear here and here, to build your upcycled closet.

I have to say, with more and more designers choosing alternative design for product development and with people appreciating and accepting this change, we have an amazing start for this long journey!

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