Mrittika is an Indian fashion accessories brand of Rumi Craft LLP that aims to provide its clientele with products exhibiting an elevated aesthetic, made with authentic handcrafted fabrics and leather alternatives, while working directly with a myriad of craft clusters in India, with emphasis on fair pay, sustainability, social conscience and transparency.

Mrittika’s goal is to be recognised and revered among both customers, as well as craftspersons as a socially conscious, transparent and sustainable brand that is making a difference in the Indian handloom and handcrafted textile sector through its efforts.

‘Mrittika’ is a Sanskrit word that means, ‘born from the earth.’ It also refers to the goddess of the earth or ‘Mother Earth,’ as many people call it. The decision to name the brand so came from the earthy calling that the founders wish Mrittika’s products to deliver to their customers. They believe that there is a certain connection to the earth that human beings bear. This connection is evident in the attractiveness of the rustic and uneven quality of handmade fabrics. Therefore, in a mechanised world full of synthetic products, Mrittika’s products are meant to remind its customers of their roots.

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