Funky Kalakar

We're a fashion label with a responsible yet unconventional approach to style. Our style statement is not limited to the bold and beautiful products we create but is also flaunted in the ethical, sustainable and vegan business practices we follow. Our global brand, Funky Kalakar is not just about being different, but also about making a difference.

Funky means being unconventional and Kalakar translates to the artist, which is exactly who we are, the “Unconventional Artist”. We aim to fuse styles from across cultures to bring together handcrafted products that are unique, responsible and beautiful. As the unconventional artist, we work with materials, designs, and processes that are different. We bring together modern ideas with traditional techniques to create unique products that possess the sentiments we stand for. 

Driven by a great love for our planet and all the life it bears, we work towards creating sustainable, vegan products in an ethical manner. It's not just the products and processes that matter to us. We also strive to empower our people, we work with skilled artisans and cobblers who often come from underprivileged sections of society, by providing them a fair wage and safe environment and offer our customers products which give them the ability to make ethical and responsible choices.  

Being PETA certified vegan and pro-sustainability means that we try to imbibe these principles in our business. From production to packaging, material to finishing we try and find solutions that reflect what we stand for. We save tires from heading to landfills and give our shoes a renewed sole, we use surplus foam discarded by auto manufacturers to bring in a comfort to your feet, we are handcrafting our shoes and handbags which are completely vegan and even our packaging supports fair-trade self-help groups. 

We are constantly exploring sustainable materials and try to incorporate an eco-friendly element with each new launch. In addition, we encourage our customers to send back our product for recycling, at the end of its life cycle.
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