We are a group of thinkers, makers, doers and designers, guided by one mission—to find design-led solutions to the problem of textile and fashion waste. We collaborate with brands, factories, and craftspeople to turn chindi into new materials and products.

Our efforts are guided by a single mission—to find a lasting solution to the problem of textile waste. We want to tidy the fashion industry’s mess. Believers in inter-dependence, we collaborate with brands, factories and craftspeople to turn chindi into new materials and products.

We assess the different kinds of waste that comes out of the fashion industry and determine how best to use the chindi we find. We currently work with used and discarded garments that are made from cotton and wool.In partnership with a recycling facility in India, we collect, sort and segregate textile waste. Sorting by colour helps ensure we use no chemical dyes.

The waste is then pulped and re-spun into high-quality yarn through a process that eliminates the use of excess water or chemicals.We work with designers and craftswomen from various disciplines to create products that combine ethics and aesthetics.

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