Adah by Leesha

Adah is a product of love. A love for weaves, prints and dyes. A love for fabric and a love for the people who make it. Adah believes that to truly loving a piece of clothing means to utilize every inch of it, to empower those who spent time crafting it and to honour the earth that provided the means for it.

Fabrics are sourced from different parts of India and directly from the weavers. No middlemen involved. Weavers are always paid the right amount for their effort and time. Everything we use, we use fully. Nothing goes into our bins. Our garments are produced by multiple tailors, each of whom is credited for the garment they have made. When you purchase from us, we tell you who made your clothes.

All tags used for branding are made with recycled Tetra Packs. Paper usage is kept to a minimum and we never use plastic. We upcycle every loose end, bobble and scrap fabric into earrings, diaries, hair scrunchies, bows, hanger covers – you name it! Our earrings are made by and support the young women of the CHAIIM Foundation. Our bows and hair scrunchies are made by Monica Didi who quit her full-time job as a maid to make these items at her convenience, allowing her to spend more time with her young children.
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